"Reorienting your everyday work experience"

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Is this only an economic issue, or is there more?

While many people would look at unemployment as an economic issue, Belkstrom contends that not having a job is primarily a spiritual problem. This is good news because spiritual problems have spiritual answers.

The New Testament considers work to be so vital that the Apostle Paul said that if a person didn’t work, neither should he eat! Belkstrom shares Biblical principles that a person can begin doing immediately.

Self pity and depression are overcome as an unemployed person takes a proactive approach to life!

Teaching on this subject is in the book Victory in the Workplace.”  It also can be a separate topic for Victory in the Workplace” conferences.

Workplace Nugget

Did you know the prevailing ideas many people have about work have come from the Greeks and Romans who worshipped false idols?  Therefore, many people have an incorrect theology about work.


Workplace Nugget

Eight out of ten new believers are led to the Lord via every-day relationships.

“I obtained a job the next day after attending a conference. God is so good!”
M. S. Warsaw, Poland